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  • Works under: Windows 8
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  • Program by Electronic Arts

Battlefield Play4Free is an online first-person shooter (FPS) game that is browser-based and very addictive.

Those who have been searching for a classic first-person shooter game will love what Battlefield has to offer. In fact, this is the very same line of games that brought players Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Heroes. The primary difference with version (as the name suggests) is that members can play for free through this browser-based version. No download is required while the thrills and chills are only moments away. What are some of the aspects that have allowed Battlefield Play4Free to be so popular?

Free Play and Quick Access

As opposed to having to save a rather large file on a computer, this variant of Battlefield boasts a quick installation process. First, one will have to register through the Electronic Arts website. This is absolutely free and takes only a matter of minutes. An add-on will then need to be installed on the computer (note that this is NOT the game, but rather simply allows the game to launch within the browser window). Once the add-on is successfully downloaded, one has access to the game.

Multi-Player Action

Much like other versions of Battlefield, there are a number of different modes to enjoy. However, we should note here that there is NO option to choose only a single player; at least one other partner must be chosen. This could be slightly frustrating for those who prefer to "go it alone". So, groups of up to 32 players can do battle against one another through this streaming platform. This actually is much easier than a strategy which involves only a single soldier.

Weapon and Player Customisation

This feature has been borrowed from other games within the franchise such as Battlefield 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Players are given the ability to choose a host of different weapons systems as the levels progress. This is meant to provide one with a slight advantage over objectives that become increasingly more difficult. Some examples of weapons and vehicles include the Mi-24 Hind gunship, the Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter, the T-90 battle tank and even the advanced F-35 ASF (Advanced Strike Fighter). All of these choices are designed to add an extra sense of realism into the game while keeping participants entertained for hours. In the same respect, soldiers can be upgraded and more skills are able to be utilised as levels advance. This keeps the game from becoming boring and players can learn as they go.

Graphics and Possible Glitches

As this game is played via a streaming browser, the graphics are not as defined as they would be on a static platform. Many players nonetheless feel that they are vastly improved in relation to previous versions such as Battlefield 1942. The only other observation that some have pointed out is the possibility of glitches within the programming. For example, there are times when a player appears to die extremely easily. Others feel that vehicles such as a jet give an opponent far too much of an advantage. Whether these are actual "bugs" or simply the way the game was developed is still not clear.

Benefits and Drawbacks

All in all, Battlefield Play4Free is an excellent alternative for those who do not wish to download a permanent file. What are some of the defining features?


  • Impressive graphics
  • Many customisations
  • More vehicles than in the past
  • Up to 32 players can participate


  • There are some possible glitches
  • No options for a single player
  • A more difficult version
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